Mission:Explore - check out our new badges...

We've been working on a number of Mission:Explore projects for some years now, and we're about to relaunch our website with a few new features and emphases.

The Mission:Explore website is being updated to include some new badges.

There are 12 badges: one for each of the main curriculum subjects - can you work out which badge is connected with which subject?

These will be 'earned' by completing 5 special missions, which are connected with them. We suggest aiming at one badge per month, and with one badge per week within that month.

We're working towards launching this in the Spring.


pretty cool... we're building some badgery over on Beautiful Nation Project.. will chack back in with you when finished.. thanks for sharing!
Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks Justin. We do like our badges :)

Look forward to hearing more from you in a while then.
Best wishes.