Outdoor Show

Heading to the Outdoor Show at Excel next week?
You should check out a talk by Daniel Raven Ellison, next Sunday
He'll be talking about the family adventures he did with his son, and other adventures that he has taken part in outdoors.... as well as plans for the Greater London National Park no doubt...

Also check out the folks from SplashMap while you're there on Stand OU1222
I've had a map for a while now, and it's not only a very useful map, but is printed on a special cloth which means I can mark routes on with a SplashMaps pen, and use it as a picnic cloth, carry items in it, drape it over a wet park bench, or use it as sun shield. 

I wonder whether there'll be a special GLNP SplashMap in time... one never knows...


Splash Maps said…
We're looking forward to meeting Daniel. And indeed we have a prototype GL Map... Sure we can work out a GL National Park map when it's needed.
All best from Team SplashMaps!