London Geography Alliance

I found out today about the London Geography Alliance.

It's a support network for geographers and geography educators, funded by the Mayor of London's school excellence funding.

I was interested in the amount of funding involved...

Project Lead: Institute of Education Project Title: London Schools Geography Alliance Subject: Geography Key Stage: 1,2,3,4 Grant Awarded: £136,440 Project Description: The project will establish the London Schools Geography Alliance; a unique combination of primary and secondary school teachers working directly with teacher educators from the Institute of Education, academics from London’s leading university geography departments and other geography experts. Project Outputs Schools Teachers 36 in 36 boroughs, including Brent, Enfield, Hackney, Hillingdon, Lewisham, Richmond, Wandsworth 

The London Geography Alliance aims to:
  • Engage teachers in an on-going relationship with the discipline such that they deepen and build their geographical knowledge about how the world is changing.
  • Bridge the divide between schools and universities so that new knowledge and ideas are made available for teachers to use and lecturers have a better understanding of geography teaching in schools.
  • Provide a network of subject-based support for primary and secondary teachers to share ideas and resources.
  • Develop new schemes of work and resources geared towards meeting the demands of the new national curriculum, GCSEs and A Level.
What we do:
  • The LGA organises workshops and fieldtrips focused on particular areas of the geography curriculum, identified by teachers as areas in which they would like support. Led by university lecturers, education specialists and teachers, workshops/fieldtrips aim to engage teachers in discussion about new ideas and ways of approaching aspect of geography. This is done through a combination of lectures, discussion and practical activities in which teachers play an active role in identifying curricular priorities and what is possible in the classroom context.
  • We also organise workshops to support teachers’ planning and implementation of the curriculum.
  • Workshops and fieldtrips contribute towards teacher Continuing Professional Development.
  • If your department would like support with a particular area of the geography curriculum or you have an idea for a workshop feel free to contact the LGA with your request.
  • If you would like to become a member of the LGA and participate in future workshops please contact us.
Tessa Willy – Director of London Geography Alliance (primary schools)
Dr Alex Standish – Director of London Geography Alliance (secondary schools)
The website has a range of resource headings, some of which have content added.

And a reminder of our request for help with the Greater London National Park - scroll down a little to see our online form...