Christchurch - in transition still

A few weekends ago, I got involved in a 'conversation' with Steve Mouldey a Twitter contact of mine, who teaches at a newly built school in New Zealand.
I meant to post at the time, but have just discovered the draft post well down the list of posts, so this is now about a month after I intended to post it.

Steve was in the city of Christchurch with another contact called Richard Wells, for a meeting of teachers who are using technology in innovative ways with students and also fellow teachers.
Christchurch Cathedral 

Christchurch is a city in transition following a series of tectonic events, which included the major earthquake that struck the city in February 2011 (following an earlier large quake in September 2010)

Steve blogged about the experience, and included some fascinating pictures taken as the group walked around the city, showing how there were still large areas that remained as they were that day, and elsewhere street artists had started to transform places.

Shipping containers supporting a historic facade

This is a reminder that all cities are in transition, and constantly change on a small level, but there are others which are changing rather more rapidly, and as a result of dramatic events.
Places are socially constructed, and the impact of particular groups on the city came out in these images, and also in the observations of Steve.
Many people have left the city as a result of their perceptions of risk being altered.

I hope that I might get to see the city for myself one day.

Image copyright: Steve Mouldey