New KS3 books

As part of my new role, the next four months will be spent reviewing our KS2 and 3 curriculum documents and ensuring that we have an exciting offering for all students. There are some tweaks and changes ahead, and the Summer term is a time for trialling a few things.

We're also looking out for new books to provide ideas and possible inspiration. At the moment, we don't really use textbooks much at all at KS3 apart from the 'This is Geography' series by John Widdowson. We also have copies of all the GA KS3 toolkits, including the new ones, and make good use of 'Look at it this Way' of course.

We quite like the look of these books though, which have some interesting contexts and enquiry topics... and they're produced in association with the GA. I actually worked on the previous KS3 series which sadly never saw the light of day due to delays in curriculum reform, so good to see these are out there... What KS3 books are you thinking of using next year, if any?

Book 1

Enquiry topics:
1. Living in Japan Why isn't Yuna able to play the sport she loves?
2. Holes in the landscape Why should we be concerned about sinkholes?
3. Is fracking all that it's cracked up to be? Is fracking a sustainable solution to the UK's energy security challenge?
4. Almost Armageddon! Why did the earth nearly die at the end of the Permian period?
5. Disasters and risky places Are Haiti and the Philippines risky places to live?
6. Don't snatch How is so-called 'land grabbing' affecting Africa?
7. Olympic spirit Where should the 2022 Winter Olympics be held?

Book 2

Enquiry topics:
1. Frozen landscapes Do corries really prefer north facing slopes?
2. On thin ice Can Russia exploit the Arctic sustainably?
3. Welcome to Quake City, New Zealand How has Christchurch been affected by earthquakes?
4. Managing the coast When is doing nothing actually doing something?
5. Life's a beach Why do most Australians live on the edge?
6. Preventing history repeating itself What's being done to save Allerford?
7. The world's other population problem What should the European Union do about its declining population?

Book 3

Enquiry topics:
1. 'Middle' - of what? 'East' - of where? Is the Middle East a region?
2. Issues in the ocean Is our use of ocean resources sustainable?
3. Going boldly Is India's space programme justified?
4. From Shangombo to South Tavy Head Why are Thandi and Moses working in Soweto market?
5. Using someone else's water How does water consumption create interdependence and conflict?
6. Biodiversity under threat Can economic development on Borneo be sustainable?