New role from September

As the contracts have been signed and colleagues are aware, it's OK to share that from September I'm going to be working full time as Head of Geography at King's Ely Junior.
It's the latest twist in my career in geography education. From teacher to Head of Geography - twenty years teaching, then 3 years at the Geographical Association, then 2 years freelance working for various Universities and endless projects, then 2 years part-time and freelance mix, and now back to teaching full time with the odd bit of writing and CPD thrown in...

Delighted to be working with colleagues and students who I've been working with part-time for the last two years in an 'ordinary' department. Some interesting things planned already, and a new overall Head of Geography too for next year.
Thanks to all those who've supported me (there are several previous 'thanks' blog posts) and particular thanks to Claire Kyndt for inviting me to think about teaching again. Still remember the e-mail I received as I sat on a hotel balcony in Bruges watching the procession of the Holy Blood before a meeting with EU colleagues, which set me thinking of what might happen next....
It'll all be blogged of course, here and on my teaching blog.