Digital Explorer Oceans Academy

The XL Catlin Oceans Academy for Teachers is returning 10th-11th October 2015.
Based in and around Southampton and Hamble, this popular, free weekend training course aims to support UK Geography and Science educators to teach the ocean topics in the curriculum.

Led by experienced scientists and educators who've taken part in polar, coral and UK based marine expeditions, the course will bring new ideas and perspectives to topics such as extreme environments, food webs, adaptation, ecology and climate change. Participants will also be introduced to new teaching techniques such as using immersive multimedia, carrying out hands-on experiments and how to captivate pupils whilst learning outside the classroom.
The XL Catlin Oceans Academy is open to all primary and secondary teachers of Science and Geography based in the UK. We aim to find teachers who have a passion for oceans and experiential learning techniques from the real world. We are also looking for those who will be able to share their knowledge and experiences with teachers in local INSET networks, to enable the content and techniques to be disseminated more widely. In exchange for an atypical and explorative weekend, we require that each winner link up with teachers from at least four other schools following the training.
For more information and to apply visit: - first come, first served....
I took part in the Oceans Academy in March 2012. I had a great time: sailing on a tall ship, a rather fine full English in the Yacht club, talks from marine experts, putting up tents in a blast freezer and a few pints of fine ale.... the actual activities you will take part in may be a little different....
I recommend you apply early...
Image: Alan Parkinson