Geo blogs.... get it ?

Some years ago, I produced a list of Geography blogs for the GA website. It was an updated version of a list that was originally put together by Pauline Wright via the SLN geography forum.

I noticed that it was getting a little out of date, so at the start of the year, I went through all the links and sent through an updated version to the GA. This has now been updated by Milan. It has removed blogs that weren't updated or had disappeared, and mentioned when they were last updated if it's been a while. That information was collected at the start of the year, so there may have been some changes.

Blogging has been one of my major 'contributions', for what it's worth, to the Geography community.
My online persona is GeoBlogs (which is a bad pun on Joe Bloggs...) and grew from an RGS innovative teaching grant I got in 2003-4 to fund a blogging project. I wrote about it for 'Teaching Geography' back in 2004... one of my first involvements with the GA.

I currently run 9 blogs which are regularly updated, and have a new one about to launch for our Iceland trip in November from King's Ely.

If I've missed your blog off the list, get in touch, and I'll collate another update for sending through at the end of the Summer term....