One of the projects I'm involved with currently is the GeoCapabilities project. In any spare moment, I'm putting together a teacher-training course that will become part of the project and its legacy, and in a year or so you will be able to take part in this in some way. Sections of this are already being piloted and critiqued, and there have also been sections mentioned in a number of training sessions that I've led, and will lead in the next few months.

Powerful knowledge and also powerful pedagogies are at the heart of the project. Margaret Roberts and Michael Young debated the ideas at a seminar at the Institute of Education.

What is the benefit of gaining powerful geographical knowledge?

The capability approach is derived from Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum.

Development is based on freedom to make choices about how to live, and these are improved through education. Where does geography come in and why is it important that we study it ?
These are big questions, and the project is tackling those, steered by Professors David Lambert and Sirpa Tani, with Dr. Michael Solem from the AAG.
Watch the video made by Richard Bustin for an introduction to the main questions which are driving our approach.

I'll be reporting from Helsinki later in the month on the latest meeting for the project.

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