Saturday, 23 May 2015

Gold Blend ?

I've been giving some thought to teaching and learning over the last few weeks. This is partly as a result of some personal changes for the year ahead, which I've blogged about: a new job as Head of Geography from September in the Junior school where I work, and some other changes within the department (in fact we all have a new job from September....)

One of the approaches that seems to be gaining some interest (and not just recently) is blended learning: which is basically using technology alongside more 'traditional' approaches to learning... something I've been doing since - well, 1988 when I started teaching...

The Head of the Senior school where I work, who is also going to be leading our more global activity in the years ahead, wrote this book on the connections that are being made in schools, links to Bring your own Device (BYOD) policies, and other planning issues.

Classroom in the Cloud is the book, written by Alex McGrath and is worth a look for anyone involved in implementing new approaches to learning across the school...

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