Oceans in the new 'A' levels...

News from OCR today about a focus on the Oceans (and some other 'new' topics too) in their new draft specifications, which should finally be able to be downloaded from the awarding body websites tomorrow.

From the press release:

From migrant trafficking and piracy, to rising sea levels and sustainable fishing, the breadth and depth of the ocean will be explored by students in a new Geography A Level.  

For the first time, a new ‘Exploring Oceans’ option, part of exam board OCR’s draft Geography A Level, will offer students the chance to take a more rounded look at oceans through a balanced combination of physical and human geography. Subject to Ofqual accreditation, the new A Level will be introduced into classrooms from September 2016.
OCR has introduced the oceans topic as part of a new ‘Geographical Debates’ section of the A Level.  As well as exploring the secrets of the seas – from ownership of polar ice caps to subterranean fossil fuels – students will also be able to study other major global geographical debates including Climate Change, the Future of Food, Disease Dilemmas and Hazardous Earth. 
Through case studies on these debates, A Level students will have the opportunity to make sense of topical events happening in the world around them, such as the Nepal earthquake, the Ebola outbreak and migrancy in the Mediterranean.

Mark Smith, Subject Specialist for Geography at OCR, said: “With the chance to explore topics like 21st century piracy, pandemics and plastic pollution, there has never been a more exciting time to study geography at school. Our new specification aims to bring to life the intrinsic links between physical and human geography, giving students a greater understanding of the challenging events they hear about on the news every day.”

These, and other topics were covered in an article in today's Telegraph.

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Image: Alan Parkinson