GA Webwatch - Primary focus...

Webwatch is the column that I've written in the Geographical Association's magazine for about nine years now. It provides ideas on using the 'web' in its various guises in the classroom and beyond.

Spring 2016's issue of Webwatch column (in GA Magazine) will have a PRIMARY focus.

I'm keen for Primary colleagues to send me pictures and details of websites, web tools, digital mapping and images, and apps being used in a Primary setting. A short description of the app and how you've used it would be great.

A chance for (slight) fame and (no) fortune.

Many thanks. The deadline is the end of the summer holidays, so there's no rush, but you might be spending the next few weeks outside the classroom doing fieldwork, using iPads etc., so a chance to think of something appropriate. All contributions given a name check, and sent around the world in the 6000 (ish) copies of the journal that are distributed to members.