Happy 10th Birthday Google Earth

It's 10 years ago since the launch of Google Earth.

I remember seeing it for the first time, and contacting the Google Education team which was then very small, and Dennis Reinhardt let me have a Pro license for a year so I could have a good play. I started preparing a presentation for the Scottish Association of Geography Teacher's Conference in 2005, which is where I first met Ollie Bray (he was finishing his presentation at the time) and also applied for an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant to develop a users' guide to Earth, which became this very blog !

Today, Google announced a few new features to celebrate the 10th anniversary of what many teachers would say is the most useful tool for geography teachers, but which has now been eclipsed a little by other tools, and perhaps some apps too. It's still something I use weekly at least, and used it the other day in fact to explore Ely...

There's also hundreds of new images for my favourite Chrome extension, and a web gallery too (sort of a super version of Noel Jenkins' Earth as Art activity)