Hugh Miller voyage - the film

Last year, I was involved in creating some web resources to accompany a voyage made through the Scottish Hebrides in the footsteps of Hugh Miller. I was invited along to join the voyage but sadly couldn't make it as I was teaching. I created a StoryMap which, on reflection, I should have entered in the ESRI StoryMap competition as looking back it was pretty good. Take a look and see what you think.

Following the Betsey from Fergus Cruickshank on Vimeo.
A group of artists, scientists and musicians journey to the isle of Eigg, retracing the original voyage of Scottish geologist Hugh Miller. It was a voyage of discovery to new landscapes, experiences and knowledge.

Shot on the Canon 7D with Miranda 28mm, Vivatar 135mm and Canon 50mm lenses.

Filming and Edit : Fergus Cruickshank
Sound design and Music : Kevin Robertson
On Location Sound : Barney Strachan
Voice of Hugh Miller : Paul J Creegan

They set sail again on 20th June for 'Betsey 2'  - this year's project has an interdisciplinary team aged 20 - 76 and is called 'Testimony of the Rocks: journeys through time'.

Plans are afoot for some further work surrounding this journey.