Physical Geography Photo Competition

After last year's successful photo competition run by the GA's Physical Geography SIG, the event is back again this year.
This is the 2nd year - here are some of last year's winners.

This year, the theme is EARTH SCULPTURE.

What's involved

We know that physical geography shapes the land and the sky, but we don't often stop to notice and really appreciate our environment, and how physical geography processes have shaped what we see around us. So here is the perfect opportunity to encourage your students to go out and explore Earth’s land and atmospheric forms.
To take part, students take a photo and write an interesting and informative description of the physical geography they have captured, then submit to the website before the close of the competition on Friday 11 September 2015.
The website includes advice and suggestions for discovering examples of physical geography plus tips for creating a good entry.

We encourage your students to enter as taking part will broaden their geographical understanding.

Details and prizes

There are two entry categories:
1. Ages 11–14 (KS3), 2. Ages 14–18 (KS4–5)
Prizes from outdoor clothing company P├íramo will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category and entries judged as highly commended will also be rewarded.


  • to promote students’ observation and awareness of physical geography in their environment
  • to apply young people’s knowledge of physical geography using an informal context
  • to inspire young people to observe and interact with physical geography through imagery
  • for young people to recognise that photography is an exciting and interesting way of capturing and interpreting physical geography.
Some ideas:
  • a stone wall with pockets of weathered rock or unusual ridges that stand out
  • interesting cloud formations
  • a ‘stepped’ hillside
  • ripples across a sandy beach
  • a gorge
  • stacked boulders on a mountain top
  • a river meander.