Adidas' recycled trainers... helping the oceans?

Adidas may release a new pair of trainers in 2016. A concept pair has been made which were apparently made from old fishing nets and plastic waste, including some which were confiscated from those fishing illegally.

Details from the link above:

Adidas has partnered with a multidisciplinary creative environmentalism organisation to create a concept sneaker made almost entirely out of plastic waste and discarded fishnets taken from the sea.
Fishnets are a significant source of ocean pollution, but at least part of the nets used to create these recycled fibers came from a more interesting source than simple sea trash; The Sea Shepherds, a sea-bound environmental activism organization, captured roughly 72km of illegal gillnets after tracking illegal poachers wanted by Interpol off the coast of West Africa for 110 days. When the poachers’ boat sank, the environmentalists saved them, too!

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