An award for my school...

From the Principal's end of year letter....

We heard that we had been nominated for an award from Education Business Awards, an organisation in its tenth year of providing recognition for successful investment in education across all sectors of Primary and Secondary education nationally. 
We don’t know who nominated us, but we are very grateful to whoever it was because, at the award ceremony in London today, we won the ICT Facility Award for the ‘educational establishment in the UK that has made outstanding progress in the provision of a first class environment for the teaching of ICT and related subjects’.
The entry in the programme read: 
King’s Ely is quickly gaining a reputation as a trailblazer when it comes to the use of ICT.  Despite its mediaeval buildings, the school is making advancements in ICT provision including four computer rooms, Bring-Your-Own-Device initiatives and taking part in a Europe-wide Erasmus project to build digital resources.

Which is nice :)