I've followed the changes in the Australian Geography curriculum with interest for several years now, as the changes they were preparing for happened at the time when I worked for the Geographical Association.

A new curriculum resource was released a couple of weeks ago, and I followed this via some of my Australian twitter colleagues, especially Susan Caldis, who is currently the President of the Geography Teachers' Association of New South Wales.

The resource describes the development at Barangaroo.
This is a new redevelopment of a peninsula near Sydney, which was completed this month, and offers a range of amenities for residents and visitors.

Check out the YouTube channel for videos which are also found on the site.

The most interesting aspect is an education portal. You will need to register for access, but this is free and easy access.

This would make an interesting, and certainly new example of urban redevelopment for use with students, and I intend to make some use of this next year.