Rackheath and Waverley

Rackheath Eco-community is a planned eco-town on the edge of Norfolk.
It is one of a series of eco-towns which are proposed to meet the demand for new and affordable housing, and also provide energy-efficient homes.
It promises to offer:

  • Renewable on-site energy production
  • User-friendly public transport systems, encouraging people to use cycles and walkways
  • Efficient recycling and waste management
  • High quality amenities, including shops, schools and sports facilities
  • A network of green open spaces, parks and gardens

It's difficult to find up to date news on what the current state of the planning is though...  happy to hear from anyone who knows more about what is happening...

There is already a campaign against Rackheath (SNUB) which also opposes a new road that is designed to join up the eco-town with the Norwich southern bypass.

Waverley is a new community, currently under development on the edge of Rotherham, close to Sheffield, and the former Orgreave works, which became famous during the miners' strike of 1984. I passed through it this week while avoiding some roadworks on the M1, and noticed some significant changes since I last drove through about 2 years ago. This is going to be another large community, but it needs to have a range of services and also jobs in the area if it is going to be self-sustaining and not just another dormitory estate for workers in Sheffield. I noticed that the pub is built at least...

Cambourne, on the edge of Cambridge is well under way... 

Cambourne is a new settlement, made up of three villages: Upper Cambourne, Lower Cambourne and Great Cambourne. Construction began in 1998 and still carries on today. It is expected to have a population of around 10,000 once finished. Cambourne is based in the district of South Cambridgeshire and is around 9 miles west of Cambridge.

And today, we have a news report suggesting that the planning system is going to be shaken up so that brownfield sites can be built on without planning permission.