World Emoji Day

I'm not a big user of Emojis: little graphics expressing particular emotions, or perhaps conveying a message in visual format... they can be added into Twitter posts and emails.
I've been interested in developing an activity where students could tell a story using Emojis. In some sense there is a connection here with the use that I regularly make of Story Cubes, where different pictures on the sides of the cubes can be interpreted in different ways.

Here are some of the emojis that are possible in the Twitter app - many of which could be used in a geographical way... to explore ideas related to food and consumption, weather, landscape, cities, biomes and travel, and this is just a sample.
Would be a nice quick challenge, with the app on an iPad to ask students to sum up the main theme of the lesson using emojis, or challenge them to tell a story such as:
What are the benefits of Fairtrade ?
What are the disadvantages of living in a large city?

or perhaps in the first week of the Autumn term, the old classic... What did you do in your holidays ?

Any other ideas for using Emojis in Geography ?