Happy retirement to John Lyon

Between September 2008 and 2011 I worked as Secondary Curriculum leader for the Geographical Association at Solly Street in Sheffield. I shared an office with the Programme Director: John Lyon, who had been there three years himself at the time when I started.

We worked on the second phase of the Action Plan for Geography, and worked on numerous projects, CPD events, publications and other support for teachers. It was a privilege to work with John, who was able to do the 'strategic' thinking that I couldn't, and I kept him fed with ideas. On office days, we would spend most of the day working at our desks, with questions and ideas fired back and forwards, before wandering down for a sandwich eaten while we carried on working. I loved my three years working at Solly Street, and several hundred venues around the country and beyond. When perceived financial issues meant that my job was made redundant, one of the aspects of the job that I most missed was the chance to continue working with John.

John officially retired yesterday, although he will continue to be associated with the GA in many ways.
Very best wishes to John, and thanks for the continued
support over the years.

And also my best wishes to Becky Kitchen who starts a new job as Secondary Curriculum Leader for the GA on the 1st of September. She'll do a fabulous job and have a great time as well.

Image credits: Bryan Ledgard (John with Alan Kinder) and RGS-IBG (Becky on the occasion of her winning the OS Award for excellence - some splendid people have won that particular award over the years...)