How to build a city

I was drawn to this article by Stuart Jefferies in the Guardian's excellent section of articles on cities.
I'm also keen on using gaming such as SimCity and others to explore how cities are created and managed. This is something that goes back many years to some of the early simulation games used in the classroom.

I have SimCity 4 on my iMac but sadly little time to explore it...

The article provides 20 steps towards building a great city.
It is also illustrated in infographic style by Sam Chelton.

I'd be interested in students looking at these steps and seeing whether a city that they are studying, or which they are allocated has some of these characteristics.

A few weeks ago, I was also fortunate enough to win a copy of the game Cities:Skylines - the deluxe version which is a bonus, and I look forward to exploring how this could be used for educational purposes.