More good news for Geography

Following last week's Guardian editorial, and Jo Debens appearance on the there was another article on the importance of Geography today on the TES website, and presumably in print as well.

This time the author is Rita Gardner, the Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Rita mentioned the Action Plan for Geography, which is what I also did in my post on the previous article.

The initial boost for geography came in 2006. This marked the first time the government substantially invested in geography at school, with Lord Adonis signing off a five-year, £3.8 million action plan. The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) led the advocacy for this, bringing representatives together from across the community – schools, universities, employers and business leaders. Breadth of community support, leadership by learned societies and professional bodies, a strong subject body in the form of the Geographical Association and speaking with one voice as a community have been powerful forces for the discipline ever since.
Meanwhile, geography teachers saw the action plan as a long-awaited vote of confidence in their discipline, as well as providing essential professional support.     
I'm proud to have been part of the APG team, and for the job that we did.
The article is well worth reading, as it sets out some of the changes that have taken place in the subject which, as Rita says is:
a rigorous, relevant and civilising subject that is, and should continue to be, at the heart of education in a world characterised by change and challenge.