Public use of public space

I'm really interested in a collection of associated images from this blog link.
Seems to have been work produced by Sheffeld MA Architecture students back in 2009 as part of a project of some kind. I don't know more about it than that.
One diagram that I particularly liked is shown below.

It shows the different ways that people use a particular open space. There are a few examples which would need a little careful editing if using with students, but the list would be really useful to present them with, and I liked the icons for the particular aspects of the space that these different users would need. If there was a park or square near the school, particularly in a large city, this would make for a useful ethnographic fieldwork study, and a good 6th form project in particular. I may give this a go in some format...

If the original creators see this and want me to remove the image that's fine, but would be interested to know more about the project that led to the creation of these diagrams.

They would also be really useful, I think, for those starting to grapple with the Changing Place, Changing Places unit on the new 'A' level specifications.