Rebranding plaices...

Studying the rebranding of places is a relatively new theme for geographers who may have been teaching one of the more 'traditional' specifications for some time. However, as a former teacher of the OCR Pilot GCSE specification, it's something I'm more than familiar with.

I was interested in an article in the i newspaper last week, which was reported here. The group PETA which campaigns for the ethical treatment of animals sent an e-mail to the Mayor of the seaside town of Skegness to protest about the Jolly Fisherman: the iconic logo of the town.

The letter that PETA sent to the Mayor of Skegness can be downloaded as a PDF from this link.
The proposed poster can be downloaded as a large JPG too.

And here's a former Mayor's apparent response on Facebook.

There's also an alternative response to PETA which I won't post here, but you can find with a little sleuthing.

So perhaps this is an example of 'rebranding plaice', and one that I plan to make use of.

How would your rebrand your local place?