World Power Map

New in today, via Google Earth blog is a link to a resource called WORLD POWER MAP.

This uses Google Earth, and a range of data sets to enable the interrogation of a range of data related to global power relationships and geopolitics.
Here's the creator Kevin Thuot on the site:

I created the WorldPower Map because I wanted a better way to understand the relationship between geopolitics and energy resources. Being a voracious news reader, I’ve found that despite the increase in the flow of information, making sense of what it all means and how one storyline impacts another hasn’t become any easier.
Reading the news is not enough. All major world events play out on a backdrop of the physical world – both natural and man-made. The WorldPower Map merges these two halves, news and strategic landscape, into a clear whole.
You can download a range of materials and links as a KML file which opens up within Google Earth. As the links are live links, the maps will update if there are changes to the data.