Day one...

First day of term today... a little pen portrait of what that involved for me and my form group and classes... a good day.

  • Alarm at 6 - fog draped in the hollows - sun rising as I leave the house
  • Drive 45 miles - tea in an insulated mug and a banana
  • Arrive at school just after 7 - drive over to senior school to pick up books and stationery
  • Set up form room for the day - printing documents and chatting to colleagues - mug of hot chocolate
  • Meeting form, and welcoming new students 
  • School assembly - messages about the new school year, expectations and warm welcomes to new staff and students
  • Walk over to Cathedral for service to start the new year - Ely Cathedral girls' choir singing and prefects and heads of house recognised - Principal's welcome referencing the refugee crisis and travels to Kigali, hymns
  • Back to school for break - cake and coffee to celebrate colleague's wedding over the summer
  • Time with form - planners, timetables, almanacks, clubs - sorting issues and events to come later in the week: capsize drills, photos and future trips
  • Lunchtime - over for meal and chat with colleagues
  • Resource preparation, Dropbox management and filling in teacher planner
  • E-mails - discussions on meeting with parent later in the week
  • Staff photo taken
  • Form time - final details - students sorting music arrangements
  • Year 12 students doing ALIS tests
  • Students heading off for sport in the afternoon
  • Over to Senior school - chat to colleagues
  • Year 9 lesson on conflicts, using images from the summer, and first homework of the year set
  • Back to Junior school to tidy desk and collect materials to work on tonight
  • Drive 45 miles home
  • Evening preparing for tomorrow, answering student e-mails, preparing work for absent students and new colleagues, plus watching Tour of Britain and 'Only Connect'
So just an average day really, and I'm sure many had days that were far busier.

If you went back to school today, I hope you had a good start to your year. You can read about what I get up to here, and over on my teaching blog.