GCSE spec meeting for Devon (and district) geographers

Via Paul Berry

Calling all local geographers! A meeting has been organised for teachers to review and discuss the new GCSE and A Level exam specs. It will take place at Exeter School on Wednesday, October 14th. The day will begin at 9.30 am, with the morning until 12.00 pm devoted to GCSE. In the afternoon session from1.00 pm to 3.30 pm we will focus on A Levels. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Although we are still waiting for final confirmation of the exam specs, the meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for geography teachers to share ideas on the current draft specs with fellow professionals, with a view to deciding which spec will best suit their students in the coming years. This is a free course, and over thirty geographers have already signed up to attend. If you would like to join the meeting, please contact me at PBerry5082@aol.com
It would be most helpful if all delegates brought with them copies of all of the proposed exam specs along with them to the meeting. This could be as printed hard copies, or electronic copies on a lap top. All of the specs can be downloaded from the list below.
At the meeting, we will analyse each spec in detail and make comparisons between them to help make an informed choice on our future direction of study. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday week!
GCSE Examination Specs (Draft Only!)
OCR ‘A’ - OCR-A-Draft-Spec
OCR ‘B’ - OCR-B-Draft-Spec
Edexcel 'A' -Edexcel-A-Draft-Spec
Edexcel 'B' - Edexcel-B-Draft-Spec
A Level Examination Specs (Draft Only!)
AQA 'A' Level - AQA-7037-SP-2016-V0-1
AQA 'AS' Level - AQA-7036-SP-2016-V0-1
It might also be helpful to bring along some of the sample assessment materials provided by the different exam boards on their own web sites:
Just to say that these books look like being a great choice for OCR ... new cover image for the Spec B book just added to the Amazon ordering page...