New in on the bookshelf this week...

A few new books last week...
These included the long awaited new book by Bill Bryson, following up his classic 'Notes from a Small Island'. I've always enjoyed Bill's books. You can't go wrong though when he talks about meeting annoying people, and his curmudgeonly self comes out in these encounters.
I read the chapter on East Anglia first, as that's where I (and Bill himself used to) live.
I was familiar with all the places he mentions, such as Cookie's at Salthouse which sells great sea food, and the pier at Cromer.
There was also a rather more small-scale publishing endeavour in terms of likely sales, which is a book by geographer David Matless on the Norfolk Broads - a lovely book, and it came with a free copy of Uniformagazine too... (which the Bill Bryson book didn't)