Not so dismal for Weston Super Mare

Dismaland has closed its doors, and the attraction, developed by Banksy is being dismantled. The materials that went into constructing it are apparently heading for 'the jungle' in Calais to help create shelters for refugees who (again last night) attempted to cross using the Channel Tunnel route.

The attraction would make an interesting study for Travel and Tourism students too, as it was exploring the nature of this sort of 'theme' park, and the idea that we should be 'happy to be there'.

The BBC reports on the possible £20 million bonanza that the attraction brought to the town, and also made use of a site that had been derelict for years. I wonder whether the attraction will emerge elsewhere in time... and wonder what will happen to the various artworks that were featured there too.
This would also be a useful attraction for the Changing Place, Changing Places topic in the new 'A' level specifications

Thanks to Nicola Gill of Westonbirt Geography @Westonbirtgeog for her image below, shared via Twitter - one of a small number of schools who had the chance for a fieldtrip there.