Iceland trip 2015 - Post 3 of 10 - Day 1 - the journey

Our journey to Iceland took us to Heathrow airport first. One slight issue was that there was thick fog, which the previous day had forced the cancellation of many flights, and the A14 which was our route to the airport was closed because of a major accident. There were a few delays with various forgotten items, but we were on the road on time, and our driver found a range of detours to get us back on to the road we needed to be on, slowed by the fog and detouring traffic. We arrived at the airport a little later than planned, and had a few delays in check-in and security too, which meant no time for shopping, but we then boarded the plane on time.

Our flight hadn't been cancelled as many had, but having got on board, we then heard that we would be sat there for 40 minutes. The in-flight entertainment system at least offered plenty of choice, and we had refreshments, and food for the younger students. We then started the flight, and soon left the fog of the UK behind and flew North. I always like following the flight tracker maps, which vary in their quality depending on the airline. There were some useful maps showing the route, and we passed over the Peak District, and then on beyond Scotland.

The delay in take off meant that we arrived in Iceland a little later than planned. We were all set up for a splendid week...