Justin Bieber in Iceland

Coming up over the next week or so are a whole range of posts from my recent visit to Iceland. I've just returned from a week's trip, which I was the team leader for. 48 students had a pretty great trip. If you want to see what we got up to, and some pictures, visit the @KingsElyGeog twitter feed. 

Many thanks to my colleagues Claire, Cate, Kathi, Hugh and Dan for their company during the week.

One of the things we were told about was a video made by Justin Bieber which was filmed at some of the locations that we visited. One of the elements of the video that hasn't gone down well is his disrespect for the landscape, particularly the moss which grows on the lava fields, and takes many centuries to grow.

Meanwhile Bjork, who our guide also mentioned, was campaigning to protect an area in the interior of the country...

Keep an eye out for some more Iceland posts and images shortly... Flickr albums coming up too.