Crown Estate website

The Crown Estate is owner of a range of assets around the country, and has a website which allows visitors to find out more about what they are doing.
They operate a range of business and retail parks, including some new ones which would form useful retail case studies.
They also operate a whole range of energy infrastructure, which would be well worth exploring for those looking at the UK energy mix.
There is a very useful web page which shows the current OFFSHORE WIND FARM energy that is being generated.

The coastal page is also very useful for students of various ages.
The Crown Estate is more important than many people recognise - as they say on the website:

We manage virtually the entire seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit, as well as around half of the foreshore.

The Crown Estate is therefore involved in aquaculture in Scotland and elsewhere.

They also manage a huge rural portfolio, which involves farming, forestry, minerals and other assets.

Click the map to see all the various properties and areas they are involved in. Check out the Case Studies too. Also the Royal Landscape of the Windsor Great Park.
This would be a great website for a range of research.