Desert Island Discs

I've been making use of the Desert Island Discs archive this week, and specifically the episode featuring Joe Simpson from 2004.
Joe talks about the trip to Siula Grande that he made with Simon Yates.
He describes the incidents that will be familiar to those who have read the book 'Touching the Void'

It's interesting for students to read about the incident in Joe's own words and hear his voice. This comes at the end of a project exploring the book, and the geography of it.

Joe has had a lot of people reading the book after it was added to reading lists for various exam specifications, and his message to students on the website reflects the effect of no doubt numerous requests for information and/or e-mails from students saying they'd had to read his book...

You can search the archive to see what people have taken to the desert island as their book or luxury, or who has taken particular pieces of music, or music by particular artists....

Who has taken an atlas?

Which people with a geographical background have featured?

What would you take?