How old is your house ?

You may have an idea… but what about the other houses in your street, or district, or neighbourhood, or across your whole town.
The latest map to be created and shared by Oliver O'Brien of CASA at UCL is now out, and it allows you to see the age of housing in specific areas of cities.
Look at Norwich below, for example, and you can see the different ages at which areas of the city were added to the current shape…
Click for biggery...

The maps are part of an initiative to map the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) datasets.
In fact if you go to the left hand column and toggle the retail centres on and off this opens the opportunity to download this data as a separate data set that could then be visualised in a tool like ArcGIS or QGIS.

These would be very useful for anyone who wants to unpick the relationship between cities and the traditional urban models.