Northern lights and sounds...

Radio 3 is currently having a season of music that was influenced by the Northern Lights
I thought I'd make a few suggestions of music that I have that is.

Jan Garbarek - All those Born with Wings
Excellent album with Jan's sax and the usual bandmates... and one of the best CD covers there is...

Suns of the Tundra - Aurora

A track on the new 'Bones of Brave Ships' album, which tells the story of Shackleton's famous 'Endurance' expedition, which is now featured in a photo exhibition at the RGS-IBG.

Lyle Mays - Alaskan Suite - Northern Lights, Invocation, Ascent

A track from Lyle Mays' debut album, and one of the finest albums there is.

Made all the better by having finally seen the aurora last month in Iceland....