The end of knowledge?

A call has apparently been made to scrap the test that London's cabbies have to take in order to get their black cab license. This requires them to have an incredible amount of knowledge of the city's streets and their geography stored in their head… some taxi drivers in other cities rely on satellite navigation systems, and don't have the local knowledge that is needed to negotiate problems or traffic jams as a result of incidents that happen...

The test requires future black cab drivers to learn 25,000 street names, 320 routes and about 20,000 landmarks of public interest, including popular tourist destinations, museums, police stations, parks, schools, churches and theatres.
The Knowledge, which consists of a written exam and oral tests, usually takes two to four years to complete before drivers can successfully secure a licence.

The knowledge is an important part of what makes London cabbies special... as well as being awesome geographers and spatial thinkers.