The Good Dinosaur and Sanjay's Super Team

Out to the cinema last weekend to see the latest Pixar movie: The Good Dinosaur.

One thing which hit you straight away from the opening scenes, was the amazing animation of the landscape, and the part that the landscape and in particular the river, and flash flooding has in the story.
Details of the way that the film makers researched the landscape and how to portrait can be seen in this  article:
From Pixar Post
Apparently the USGS were also involved in ensuring the accuracy of the landscape and the way that it was portrayed. I enjoyed the movie.

Before the main feature, there was another short film called 'Sanjay's Super Team', which was an excellent comment on cultural globalisation.

Next film on the list, booked for over Christmas period is the new 'Star Wars'....

Wyoming is hoping to cash in by making the most of its link with 'The Good Dinosaur', and the Grand Tetons area in particular.
More on this to come over on my Geography and Film blog…. link to follow in the New Year….


Pixar Post said…
Thanks for the link to our site! Yeah, it was extremely fascinating how they utilized the USGS data to formulate the sweeping landscapes in The Good Dinosaur. The artists said that it was a fantastic timesaver and added an enormous amount of realism to the film by having actual data to pull from (and then tweak to suit the film).
Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks for the comment… The Geography was to the fore in this movie for sure… :) Keep up the good work !