Computing Festival at King's Ely - a chance to come and take part...

Colleagues at my school are putting on a Computing Festival in association with INTEL, and there may be still chance for you to join us.

Here are the details from the school's website.

It is a free workshop designed for teachers and students to explore computing using INTEL powered tablets on Friday 26 February in the Hayward Theatre at King’s Ely.

We have teamed up with the Tablet Academy and Intel to provide an exciting and innovative Computing Festival for schools in the local area. These events are FREE for schools to book but we only have enough places to accept 10 schools during the day. You are welcome to book your place on a first come first served basis.
You are most welcome to bring a group of 5 pupils accompanied by one or more teachers/support staff to attend the event.  The ideal audience is Primary Years 5/6 and Secondary Years 7/8. The workshop will involve 6 activities. Students will work in groups of 5 and spend 20 minutes on each activity collecting data as they take part. Please feel free to send just a member of staff to observe the activities if pupils are unable to join them at such short notice.
What is the Computing Festival all about?
The Computing Festival is a workshop designed for teachers and students to explore computing in a fun and engaging way using Intel powered mobile devices as a tool to facilitate learning.

Who is the Festival aimed for?
The Computing Festival is aimed for pupils and staff at KS2 or 3 in schools. Both pupils and staff will engage in the activities and it is an opportunity for staff to see how to use tablets in a teaching and learning environment.

What sort of activities will I expect to see on the day?
The activities will cover a mix of Computing activities from programming your own games controller, programming a lego robot around an obstacle course, measuring objects using the tablet camera, green screen, and Minecraft in Education. These events were trialled with schools in the summer term and proved very popular. In order to get an appreciation of the day please follow this link to a video and website outlining the Computing day itself. 

The Sessions
There are two sessions that you can attend, a morning or an afternoon one. It is suitable to bring a group of 5 pupils in the morning and a different 5 for the afternoon session.
AM Session – 09:00 – 11:30
PM Session  – 12:30 – 15:00

If you would like to attend this free event, please can you confirm the names of the pupils who will be attending each session, the name of the member of staff who will accompany them and email by 5th February 2016.

Follow up from the day
There is a website built around the day which includes plenty of teacher resources as well as links to an online shop where you can purchase items that were used on the day so you can repeat this in your school at a later day.
We look forward to welcoming you to our school for an exciting Intel Computing Festival!

I'll be popping in during the day too.