Discussions re. new GCSE specifications

Over the weekend there was a query about whether there was a place where discussions were taking place about the new GCSE specifications.

Most of these are now accredited: 5 out of the 7 specifications have gained OFQUAL accreditation.

One possible place that we could use to have these discussions is the GA Ning.
I set this up when working for the GA, and it is now just short of 3000 members.

I've set up a group on the NING, and started 7 discussions: one for each of the new GCSE specifications.
If you have a question about the new specs, or want to share which one you've chosen, this could be a place to start having those discussions.

An alternative place to have those discussions would be over at the SLN Geography Forum. 
This is still active, and continues to provide support for teachers.