GA Conference Programme now online

Available to download: the programme for the GA Conference 2016.
It's going to be an epic conference. A few things of note… for those planning to go.

Book by early next week to get the early bird rate and save £10 a day….

I'll be missing the Association at Work day, but aim to make it in time for the public lecture, the awards and the wine reception, which is taking place at Manchester Museum (which is always a chance to mingle with folks you haven't seen for a year and catch up with old friends)

This starts with the usual touch choice. A few sessions that I've pencilled in… but everything might change…

Emma Johns and other GA Secondary Committee colleagues doing a workshop called "Changing the subject", focussing on changes that are coming in 2016. I may get involved a little here…

Calvin Clarke on making connections to tackle inequality - I met Calvin while presenting at the SAGT
GIS with Digimap, presented by Darren Bailey
John Lyon presenting on approches to plate tectonics
A reception celebrating the GA's history during lunchtime

Then my next involvement:

1.50-2.40 - Lecture 7 - suitable for all Key Stages
Enquiring into Logistics: a new resource
A lecture by me on the new CILT resource that I've written, which gets its official launch at the conference 

(I clash with other workshops by Garry Simmons, David Rogers and Simon Ross which I would otherwise probably be heading to)

A tough choice follows, between Richard Allaway talking about social media in the classroom, or Nick Crane talking about Coast. There's also Stephen Schwab from the SPC on cross-phase fieldwork.

May crash the International Rendezvous for some wine…

We will also be holding an SPC Geography Grapevine event - time and location TBC, but Tom Morgan Jones has kindly provided some inking for us… a networking event for new and aspiring HoDs to talk through stuff over a glass of wine...

I'm then probably heading for Shelley Monk's session on Creative Case Studies for OCR, although I'm tempted by James Riley's session. James is Head of Geog at the Perse School, our 'near neighbours' at King's Ely, and David Rogers' session on connecting Primary and Secondary (as my role is KS2/3 coordination)
There's also a session by Iain Palot based on the I-USE project I was involved in during 2011-14

The day finishes on a high note with a lecture by my colleague Claire Kyndt: Head of Learning Development at King's Ely.

Lecture 16: KS2-3
Curious connections: curating a geographical museum

It'll then be off to the GA Conference Teachmeet and then the Beermeet - details to be confirmed, but probably the same pub as last time...


I'm not going to be able to get too stuck into the Beermeet as I am presenting again today, although at the end of the day...
The day starts with another packed session. I may go to see Andy Knill talking about how he has used the John Muir Award, or maybe the AQA session.
There is a mobile device session being organised by Sophie Wilson which I may go to.
Alice Baker, a PGCE student at UCL is presenting on GIS in the classroom.

The Rex Walford Lecture is being given by Liz Taylor this year, who is always a pleasure to listen to. She is looking at past, present and future geographies.

There is also a lecture by my GeoCapabilities colleague Elina Särkelä from Vikki Teacher Training School of Helsinki University in Finland.

After lunch, I will probably see Charlotte Exton's Teacher to Teacher session on how to teach post-16 as a new teacher.

There is then another GeoCapabilities related lecture, with Richard Bustin from City of London Freemen's School, who is talking about his research for his PhD

This is a busy session as it clashes with Jo Debens on creative ideas for teaching about the UK (a big focus of the new GCSEs)
There's also Paul Turner talking about his GIS project with CASA on the Census. This was one of two projects to gain an Innovative Geography Teaching Award from the RGS-IBG last year, the other was given to me to work with Ben Hennig on the LondonMapper project. This also clashes with my next commitment:

Duncan Hawley will be leading a Geocapabilities workshop, which I shall be contributing to. This will be a trial also for some of the materials we will then use in a workshop at the GI Forum in Salzburg in July.

I shall probably dip out of the last bit of that to go and prepare for my final session of the day, and one which is a bit of an experiment.
You have the choice to go and see Emma Rawlings Smith talking about teaching about PLACE, a theme also being tackled by Sharon Witt at the same time, or Paul Berry on maps.

However, you can also come along and end the conference with a bit of an experiment that I am presenting. It's a Geographical version of the fiendish quiz ONLY CONNECT, which we are calling Only GeoConnect.

Lecture 30 - Only (Geo) Connect - a real test of thinking skills...

Come along and test your Geographical lateral thinking skills.
There'll be the usual 4 rounds:
- Making Connections
- Sequences
- Connecting Wall
- Missing vowels

You can be in the audience….
I'll also be looking for 6 people to take part as competitors in the two teams, and possibly a volunteer or two to help with the running of the event as it's going to be a bit of a coordination job to present and keep up with the various multiple screens and sound effects and timing it's going to need…
I'll share how you can get involved nearer the time, but if you have a burning desire to get involved (I might even dress as Victoria Coren Mitchell for the occasion) then let me know…

Do you see the connection with the Making Connections conference theme? See what I did there?