Mud and Landskipping

I've tried to cut back on the number of books that I buy - but it's hard, as it's one of the great pleasures in life. In the last couple of weeks I've bought three and carefully put a few back on the shelves of Topping Books earlier in the week as well (although I'll be back I'm sure)

This piece on the Independent on mud is a good one, by Anna Pavord.

Anna's latest book is called LANDSKIPPING. It explores the way that the landscape has been written about, painted and explored by generations of artists and other people. There are some personal travels and details in there as well, although the weather meant that Anna didn't really get as connected with the Norfolk Coast as she might otherwise have done. This goes into my extended library of books about the landscape and the way that people have been involved in its creation over the centuries.

A really beautiful and thought provoking book.