Only GeoConnect

This week, there was the grand final of ONLY CONNECT, which was written up in 'The Guardian'. I loved this description of the difference between Only Connect and other quiz shows:

Participants were asked what linked Uralic, Slide Mountain, Paleo-Tethys and Panthalassa. They were offhandedly presented with a series of backward portmanteaux as if the concept of this alone wasn’t enough to throw the majority of the population into weeping fits of frustration. They were expected to complete a sequence based on both the atomic number of noble gases and the British-language derivation of their names. Meanwhile, on The Chase, Bradley Walsh says the word “gusset” out loud and then makes a fart sound with his mouth.

At the GA Conference in April 2016, I'm going to be presenting a special geographical version of the quiz, with the usual rounds.

I am seeking 6 'contestants' who would like to come and have a go at my geographical game show.

I'd also appreciate anyone who was able to volunteer to help out with the scoring and running the various media and screens and sounds that I'll need to make it work… hopefully...

This is a first-come first-served opportunity, but if you wanted to get together a few other people and let me know that you had a team that would be great too.

I'll also be hoping for an audience, and of course you can all play along to, as I'll give you some score cards that you can use to write down your answers.

This is on the Saturday afternoon, and would make a good end to your GA conference 2016 experience

If you want to get involved drop me an e-mail, or contact via @GeoBlogs on Twitter...