What to look for in Winter

I loved this piece by Helen MacDonald in the New Statesman, on the power of the Ladybird book of the same name. I had a copy of this book when younger, and there is great nostalgia to be had from browsing through Ladybird books.
This particular book provides memories of childhood winters gone by… one where nature played a much stronger role.
It was illustrated by the wonderful Charles Tunnicliffe.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the link to Helen MacDonald's article Alan, I was just about to put all my old Ladybird books (including all the "What to look for in series"), which I came across whilst clearing my late parents' house, in the charity bag but I will save them now as they evoked similar feelings to those Helen described - sadness for a time and people long gone, but hope for the future that I may be able to return to my childhood roots, particularly as I watched a buzzard today from my old bedroom window.
Paula Watson
Alan Parkinson said…
Thanks for the comment Paula. I hope that I can find the books in a box at my mum's house. The illustrations are locked away in my memory bank.