You click, we pick...

… and similar slogans appear on a growing fleet of vans which is criss-crossing the Norfolk countryside delivering people's online grocery orders.
When we first moved into our village, our postcode drew a blank in terms of deliveries, but we could now get our shopping delivered by any of the main supermarket chains for a small additional charge, or we could wait to be tempted by discounts on our first order, or free delivery options.
I've been thinking about using this as a context for some work, to tie in with our Year 7 unit on Food, which has already encompassed all sorts of interesting discussions, and there was an article in the Guardian today which has helped me make my mind up to put something together. It also ties in with the ideas behind the CILT resources that I authored, and which have now gone live on the website.

How green is online shopping?
Is it preferable to have a small van delivering to lots of houses rather than lots of individual cars heading to the store?
What about the packaging involved in getting items to customers?

More to come on this as the resources get developed...