Zika / Zica

There are always interesting stories emerging which have a connection with the work we are doing in Geography with students.

One story which emerged yesterday was of particular interest, as it connects ideas of globalisation, rebranding and disease.

One of the main global stories at the moment is the growing threat of the Zika virus. This is a growing problem in Brazil, which is preparing to host the Olympics later this year. The particular threat that is being reported is to pregnant women, but there are also some other stories relating to potential transmission in other ways, which might mean that it spreads into other areas of the Americas.

At the same time the Indian car company TATA has a new model of car which it is launching. Like the NANO model, it is a small car. The name that was chosen for it was Zica.

Zica is short for 'zippy car'...

Tata is now thinking of renaming this car, but has apparently come too late for an upcoming major trade show....
They've also paid Lionel Messi quite a lot for their marketing campaign already apparently.

I remember the Vauxhall NOVA which was similarly affected by the fact that its name meant something different in different languages....

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