Costa for Schools

I wrote this resource back in 2012, and have been asked to take a look at it again with a view to updating and adding further new content.
I'll be doing that over the next couple of months, and wanted to share it here again, as many visitors may not have been aware that I worked on this resource, and be preparing something on other aspects of the business of buying coffee….

Some of the resources are now on TES Resources too.

You can also request a Coffee Belt World Map poster, which arrives quite promptly as I checked and ordered one recently.

While researching, I came across this animation, made to play on Costa Express coffee machines while the coffee was brewing...

Costa express - Bean To Cup from Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn on Vimeo.
A new interface for the Costa Express - a self service machine serving freshly brewed coffee – makes any negative associations with traditional vending machines a thing of the past.

Costa wanted its bean-to-cup machines to communicate more clearly their usp – fresh coffee made with freshly ground beans. The same quality product as gets served in a Costa cafĂ© – just without the Barista. The machines also needed to work harder at delivering the Costa brand values and activities.
We refined the user interface by creating a ‘big button’ on a single screen that made coffee selection easier and faster. Rigorous user testing of the new interface ensured a more efficient selection process. Customers can also see what’s happening in the machine, via the interface, as their coffee is being made. Bespoke animations tell customers about the Costa brand and its CSR activities such as The Costa Foundation and Rainforest Alliance Certified.