Extra lights to go with the aurora...

A possible new case study for tourism was suggested a few weeks ago by a story that I read via my Twitter feed from Iceland.
It refers to the demand for Northern Lights tours. I was fortunate enough to see the Aurora in October on a visit
People going on these Northern Lights tours are making use of glow sticks as part of the experience.
They are also, according to this article, littering the countryside with them, although it's not clear whether this was why these appeared in the area mentioned, or perhaps were dropped accidentally...
Either way, it's part of a few stories which have appeared regarding the behaviour of tourists, as the scale of the industry reaches an unprecedented scale.
There were pictures of people walking on ice floes at Jokulsarlon and climbing over no entrance signs at Gullfoss despite the ice covered path... Mind you, I did something similar myself the first time I visited…. to get a better picture… although it was not quite the same conditions as last month.

Here's hoping that the landscape of Iceland isn't too much affected by the current rise in tourist visitors I'm looking forward to my next visit.