GI Learner meeting

A few weeks ago, I hosted the 2nd meeting of the ERASMUS funded GI Learner project at my school.
This offers a chance for young people to explore geographical information, and we are going to be producing a range of materials to allow students to develop their use of Geographical Information, and produce what is called a Learning Line.

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You can also visit our website here.

We met at the Old Palace at King's Ely, and the GI Learner partners also had the chance to see a service at Ely Cathedral, and take a tour out to the Fens and the Anchor Inn, as well as meeting colleagues, and seeing what the school had to offer. Thanks to those who were involved in the project so far, and I look forward to developing some more materials once we return after Easter.

Follow the project as it develops over the next few years.
The next meeting will be in Salzburg in July...