New from Carl Lee and Danny Dorling

Out in a week's time, a new book by Danny Dorling written with Carl Lee. I'm a great admirer of both of these folks' work, particularly as the mapping in the book is created by Ben Hennig.

Geography: Ideas in Profile.

Geographers have a tradition of being curious explorers of both places and ideas. Where does that highway go? Who lives in this big house and why? How did we arrive at where we are? When are we going to learn to live together? Can you really consume more and more and does it really make you feel better? 
Geographical questions are never stand-alone ones. All the questions we ask lead to other questions. Geography is about joining up the dots that help make up the big picture. Connections are everywhere. 
Geography gives shape to our innate curiosity; cartography is older than writing. Channeling our twin urges to explore and understand, geographers uncover the hidden connections of human existence, from infant mortality in inner cities to the decision-makers who fly overhead in executive jets, from natural disasters to over-use of fossil fuels.
In this incisive introduction to the subject, Danny Dorling and Carl Lee reveal geography as a science which tackles all of the biggest issues that face us today, from globalisation to equality, from sustainability to population growth, from climate change to changing technology - and the complex interactions between them all. 

See the book's page on Danny's website here, with links through to websites and other information, which is what Danny always provides for his books very usefully.